As a photographer, my goal is to capture emotion that I both see and feel. I capture genuine moments, full of genuine emotion, both from myself and the subject.  Photography doesn’t exist solely for us to see past events, it helps us feel past events, as well.

Our capacity to empathize and to sympathize is what makes us human.  The ability to feel love, hate, and everything in between are the things that make us stand out.

Along with photography, I love to write. By combining written and visual story-telling techniques, I can give my viewer a deeper experience of art in the moment. If I  can convey a fraction of what I feel from a certain photo, then I’m happy.  My biggest fear isn’t that someone will look at my photo and say the composition is bad, or the color temperature is wrong, it’s that they would look at it with indifference, with absolutely no emotion whatsoever.