Monthly Archives: November 2015

The Wasatch Ultimate Ridge Linkup

On Aug 8th, around 930 am, Alexis Baum-Crellin and I met Stacey Pearson at her home near the base of Little Cottonwood Canyon to do some last minute gear shuffling. We stood around the large room filled with expensive looking

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We All Watch The Same Sun Rise And Fall

It’s hard to comprehend all the hate in the world sometimes. We all watch the same sun rise and fall each day. We all feel pain and grief when friends and family leave this life. We can all feel the

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Perfection Hidden in a Hostile Jungle

Auyan-tepui, Venezuala – Mike Call traverses along the lip of a boulder just outside of base camp on location for the Point Break remake last October. A few days prior, I had taken a 45 minute helicopter ride from Canaima

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