Dubrovnik, Croatia – Walking atop the wall that surrounds the old city, the sun sets around me, shadows growing longer by the second.  There is a line of people on both sides of me, all present to walk along the wall, taking in the sights of the city.  A series of shadows catch my eye and I stop abruptly, causing people to bump into each other.  Clothes hanging on a line, drying in the afternoon sun.  I love everything about it.  The simplicity of it all.  Because of the high flow of traffic, I have to wait maybe 5-10 minutes for there to be an opening.  My head stays bent down, staring into the top of the camera, watching shadows walk through the frame.  I glance up, waiting for a lull, and I notice one approaching.  With just enough time, my frame clears and I take the photo.

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