Monthly Archives: March 2014

Shadows and Textures

Simferopol, Ukraine – I love photographing people.  Not anybody specific, just every day people that are going about their lives, doing what they need to do to survive.  They’re so mysterious.  Full of emotion.  One way I enjoy shooting them

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The Simplicity of it All

Dubrovnik, Croatia – Walking atop the wall that surrounds the old city, the sun sets around me, shadows growing longer by the second.  There is a line of people on both sides of me, all present to walk along the

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Mostar, Bosnia: A Hopeful City

Mostar, Bosnia – Coming to a stop, the sound of tires rolling over gravel is second only to the wind racing through the grass nearby. In the distance, clouds move swiftly as the sun sinks lower toward the horizon. Before

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